The results are in . . .

the community voted ‘YES’ 

The results have come through for the referendum and it’s a resounding YES! Thank you to all who started the plan and to those that continued to support, cajole and encourage, giving freely of their own time and energy. There’s always more to do, but this is a great outcome for this step of the journey!

In case you wanted to know the numbers:
Electorate: 15696
Ballot Papers Verified: 2159
TURNOUT: 13.74%
YES – 2006 (93.48%)
NO – 140 (6.52%)

Although the turnout was low, it’s a good result for this area. Thanks for voting!

Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan (BAP)

What the plan is about

Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan is an exciting community approach to local planning policies and aims to help people play a direct role in improving the area in which we live and work. It tackles overcrowding, poor quality parks, rundown shops and deteriorating heritage assets.  Below is a summary of our draft policies based on  four themes.


Download the plan
Boscombe Pokesdown Neighbourood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan has passed examination

The plan is already a material consideration in the determination of all planning applications in the area.

Please download the final plan here.

As you know, the plan contains 10 AMBITIOUS PLANNING POLICIES which you helped prepare.

All residents, eligible to vote, will be able to vote for the neighbourhood plan in the referendum in November (date to yet be confirmed). If over 50% of the people who vote say ‘Yes’ the plan will be made and then form part of the development plan.

Neighbourhood plan pages


The area has an abundance of old buildings and parks, however many are unloved and are ‘at risk’. Policy BAP1 seeks to retain all old buildings to protect our heritage and sets specific densities o prevent overcrowding. Policy BAP2 proposes new locally listed buildings and seeks to reuse and recycle building materials. Policy BAP3 seeks to retain and renovate historic shopfronts. Policy BAP4 seeks to enhance all our open spaces and provide safer walking and cycling routes.


Policy BAP5 is planning for 110 more market homes per year (plus afordable homes) through the sympathetic conversion of historic properties and new builds, where 50% of the homes will need to have three or more bedrooms. Policy BAP6 introduces minimum room sizes for new homes and requires adequate space for bins, bikes, parking, etc. Policy BAP7 seeks to prevent any new houses in multiple occupancy (HMOs) being built  to prevent overcrowding.

Work, Shops and Services

Policy BAP8 seeks to make Christchurch Road the centre of our community and the driving force of our local economy. We also want to celebrate its unique Victorian heritage. Our proposals include the redevelopment of the Sovereign Centre and the conversion of the upper floors f Christchurch Road to homes. In order to accommodate the business needs of the local community, Policy BAP9 seeks to provide new business floor space.

Site allocations

Policy BAP10 allocates a total of 18 sites for more than 475 dwellings. We have specific policies on our sites, namely Hawkwood Road Car Park, Royal Victoria Hospital, Gladstone Road West and the Sovereign Centre. Policy BAP11 contains a list of projects that would improve the area. We will be using this list to attract investment. It includes making grant applications and designating a new Conservation Area.

Neighbourhood Plan Proposals Map

Development of the plan

Boscombe and Pokesdown Neighbourhood Plan Forum was designated by Bournemouth Council in 2016. It has 92 members who are volunteers who live and work in the wards of Boscombe East and West.

This is a green neighbourhood plan which will provide more family homes, promote sustainable transport initiatives and attract investment to improve the area.

Once the plan is adopted, all planning applications submitted in the area will be determined in accordance with its policies.

Please help us to shape the plan for a greener, safer and more prosperous Boscombe and Pokesdown by giving us your views.